The Da Vinci Commode
Damage Control
Independent Release Comedy CD

The crew of Damage Control has matured since their last independent comedy release Santa’s Crack. If you are a fan of this funny radio (the fake WSUK) and humorous sketch comic group, not to worry: The Da Vinci Commode, as the title suggest, has fart jokes up the wazoo and most of the funny jokes are juvenile or sophomoric at best and sure to offend at least a few times, sexual innuendo is the rule of thumb, the material itself is funnier and tighter, and the sound quality and production excellent. This fun sketch comedy CD has nothing to do with The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, which, by the way, is a novel, people, a work of fiction, a made up story.

Gene May, Jay Hewlett, Michelle Walker, Martin Brown, Kenn Bradley, London Smith, and Allen Berrebbi make up the Damage Control comedy crew. The Da Vinci Commode uses the same successful premise as the previous release: a broadcast on WSUK complete with interviews, commercials, public service ads, spoofs, and so on.

It is, once again, difficult to pick favorite or funniest tracks. Still, the Homeless History month comedy sketches are excellent. The witty and so true to life Lady Glick Shaver commercial spoof uses all the elements of a woman’s razor and its very phallic and clitoris friendly design to build up to a great ending. The O.U.T. Home Gayness Test may not have an original premise but the test kit self is particularly original. Nudist Insurance is a definite must product for fans of Hedonism II and naturist enthusiasts so, as they say, call Cotton Tail Insurance.

The people at Damage Control say they have been inspired by the National Lampoon Radio Show and similar sketch comedy groups. Perhaps this is true but they have fortunately learned the most important lesson that so few manage to remember: keep it tight and keep it short.

Track List:

Radio – Friday the 13th
Famous Anus
Ask Your Doctor
Homeless History #1
Radio – Turd Racing
Sack Lickin’
The Da Vinci Commode
WSUK Daytona Promo
Radio – The Wooden Puppet Club
Celestial Voice
Doctor Rose
Homeless History #2
Radio – The Fetus Photographer
The Octaginator
Radio – Singing Superhero
The Dookie Ball Song
Harry’s Holes
Homeless History #3
Radio – Religious Show
Holy Crap
Testament Testimonial
Dog Shit Quit
Radio – Rib-fest
I’ll Fight For You
O.U.T. Home Gayness Test
Radio – Terrorist Non-action Network
The Great Garboni
WSUK Plane Building Promo
File Sharing Rant


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