Jimmy Fallon’s Bathroom Wall, now there’s a bad pun that gives an honest impression of what I think of this supposedly funny stand-up comedy CD.

Jimmy Fallon, yet another whatever-happened-to Saturday Night Live, SNL, alumni, might have been passably funny in the big anchor chair of Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update but I assume he was not writing his own somewhat funny jokes. If he was, he didn’t write any somewhat funny jokes for Bathroom Wall. There is not a single funny joke on this best used as a coaster CD.

Thankfully, I picked up Jimmy Fallon and his Bathroom Wall in a bargain bin somewhere. I would hate the thought of actually paying good money for bad jokes.

You know you are in trouble when the stand-up comedy CD opens with the filler material, in this case, Jimmy Fallon sings not only one song but 5 of them (and thinks so much of them you can’t read them in the CD liner.

Maybe I bought the CD in the bargain bin because the cover reminded me of Alice Cooper’s School’s Out jacket so I figured if he could make that link, I might try it. Oh well, never judge a coaster by its cover art. Another sign you are in trouble is there are 2 tracks out of the 9 comedy tracks devoted to, believe it or not, troll dolls.

Other tracks on this comedy CD (cough cough gag gag) are devoted to topics good for an audience of college students, such as Dorms, Shower Baskets and the Walk of Shame, Roommates, and Hotplates, Four Digit Numbers and the Little Fridge, as well as Chris Rock Was My RA and Gotta Get Fake I.D.

It’s not that I expect stand-up comics to deal with life, the universe, and everything but it would be nice if they could try for more than an audience of drunk frat boys.

The neat thing about Bathroom Walls is eventually someone paints the graffiti over. A coaster this is.

Jimmy Fallon
Bathroom Wall
stand-up comedy CD
DreamWorks Records

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