To figure out how good a Joe Rogan stand-up comedy DVD or CD is you have to delete all the unnecessary foul language and then see if the comedy is still funny.

Sometimes it  isn’t but the stand-up in Rogan’s Comedy Central Special Talking Monkeys In Space generally passes the shitless litmus test. I really could have done without the 29 minutes of audience Q&A at the end. It makes up for one third of this release and this makes Talking Monkeys in Space much less interesting than it could have been.

The DVD and CD are the same thing material wise except the Talking Monkeys In Space DVD says it has 28 minutes of extra footage. I only found 15.

This Joe Rogan DVD opens with a series of pot routines with one on accidentally becoming a father in the middle. This is above average pot comedy. It segues very nicely into perhaps the best bit on Talking Monkeys In Space, Mount Everest and the ant. I am not a big Rogan fan so I was surprised by how good, thought out, and funny this particular bit was.

Also very good on this stand-up comedy DVD is the monkeys routine. Again, Rogan chooses to cut it up with another bit, this time on preacher Ted Haggard.

This is followed by a rather standard rant on Dr. Phil.

The stand-up comedy portion of Joe Rogan Talking Monkeys In Outer Space ends with a banal routine about masturbation.

Special features are a behind the scenes and a behind the scenes at the Columbus Show. Boring stuff.

Talking Monkeys In Space
Joe Rogan
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Comedy Central 2010
68 minutes plus extras

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