Conventional Weapons is solid. John Beuhler’s second stand-up comedy album does not have a single weak moment.

Beuhler has a very wide range so it is difficult to pigeon hole him but comedy fans under 40 will probably appreciate him a bit more. Then again, I am over 40 and I really like Beuhler so there you go.

There are some especially original moments on Conventional Weapons. In a society where everything is a disease, Beuhler has a good measuring stick: can you call in sick with it. Another, although the opening sequence about the Microsoft Word paperclip animation is less so, is about the advances of technology.

Other highlights amongst many include some cringe style comedy with the dating older women bit, a bit on why kids should be spanked and how they are all turning into wimps, sex and technology, and some funny  observations about the goings on at the gym.

The last track on John  Beuhler Conventional weapons includes a bonus two-minute bit with a female heckler.

Conventional Weapons
John Beuhler
Stand-up Comedy MP3 album
Independent Release 2012

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