So I Married an Axe Murderer stars a pre-Austin Powers Mike Myers as a single guy who find something wrong with every girlfriend as soon as they get too close. He then meets a lovely butcher named Harriet (Nancy Travis) and they hit it off. His mom is a big fan of News of The World, a sensationalist tabloid, and following the story of a woman who kills off her husbands and mysteriously vanishes. Is Harriet the butcher a butcher?

This is a very fun comedy with a bit but not much of a dark overtone. Those allergic to Mike Myers will get through most of this movie intact even if Myers’ turn as his Scottish Da’ is beyond atrocious. Myers’ gift for improv is given room but director Thomas Schlamme keeps the actor under control (thank god).

Amanda Plummer is excellent as Harriet’s sister. Anthony LaPaglia plays Charlie’s best friend and SFPD detective who breaks the axe murderer case open. Alan Arkin has a bit of a cameo as the precinct captain is a couple of gag scenes spoofing cop movies.

This is a fun comedy. I got to watch it free on Netflix but would not have regretted buying the DVD on sale. It is not as good as Serial Mom.

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