I wish I had gotten hold of John Beuhler’s stand-up comedy album Inappropriate before this.

This stand-up comedy download excellent through and through. Beuhler is a social commentator and what he has to say is interesting, thought provoking, and funny. There are quite a few lines you will steal from this comedy download to make yourself sound good around the office coffee machine.

All of Inappropriate by John Beuhler is great. Still, there are some favorite moments. Mine is the series of bits about tattoos. Beuhler has the best take on the subject I have heard in a while. The giving your kid a cool name but it backfiring is extremely original.

There is a caustic streak to John Beuhler I cannot but like. The bit on rescue and purse dogs nails the topic right on the head.

Also a highlight and worth repeated listenings, like all of Inappropriate really, Racism Schmacism and I’m Oppressed Too.

If you are looking for an absolutely safe beat for a great comedy download Inappropriate by John Beuhler is it.

John Beuhler
Stand-up comedy download
800 Pound Gorilla Records 2018

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