Naked and Amused by Dan Frigolette is a solid comedy download MP3 album that unfortunately suffers from questionable sound quality. This takes away from the overall experience. Naked and Amused is a raunchy show for a raunchy (and shrill sounding) crowd that is great fun from beginning to end.

Frigolette is a very good comic who handles the rather boisterous crowd with finesse. The highlights of Naked and Amused are a bit on signs for stupid people and various state DWI campaigns and one on why it takes so long for men need to figure out what his partner will or will not go for in bed. It seems you can’t start choking on the first date. The stand-up is kind enough to give men a trick to figure out if his partner likes that sort of thing.

The comic hints at his ability to do more serious material with a short section on why you should date someone who is not like you. I would not be surprised if this was a full-fledged routine he decided to adapt for this crowd.

Dan Frigolette Naked and Amused closes with a story about trying to catch a mouse that closes with one hell of a clever and funny callback.

Being a naturist and a fan of comedy downloads, I was looking forward to hearing a comedy show taped in front of a group of same-minded people. It turns out it is no different than a late-night Saturday show where the audience is well-lubricated. It is not Frigolette’s fault by any means but I was hoping for something a little different.

Dan Frigolette Naked and Amused is released by BSeenMedia

Naked and Amused
Dan Frigolette
Comedy download MP3 album
BSeenMedia 2017
26 minutes


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