Kevin Hughes is the Dr. Phil of relationship comedy. That’s not quite true: Dr. Phil pontificates and lays more guilt trips than a Jewish mother’s mother. On his two stand-up comedy CD set Love Is A Loving Matter comic Hughes manages to make fresh a form of stand-up that has become run of the mill. A great part of the originality of the material on Love Is A Laughing Matter is the comedian puts the husband and the wife on an equal footing.

Hughes works almost, almost squeaky clean. These were recorded while he was performing on a cruise ship where a comic has to be very vanilla with his language and topics. To his credit, Hughes does adult oriented comedy and manages to slip in a few innocuous innuendoes here and there.

This two CD set features two hour-long shows: Love is a Laughing Matter and The “How To” Show. The first is pretty much the soundtrack of Kevin Hughes’ stand-up comedy DVD Wild About Love while The “How To” show is more, different relationship comedy with some autobiographical stuff. You would think 2 CDs of this stuff would lead to an overdose but Hughes’ approach keeps everything funny and fresh.

Not that Kevin Hughes or this two stand-up comedy CD set are perfect. Hughes has a tendency, especially on the title CD, to get off track for a while and his getting back on his train of thought is a bit laborious at times. Then again, he goes off track with a series of redneck jokes on The “How To” Show and it really works.

Technically, the stand-up comedy CDs could really have used track cuts. Especially since there are moments you really want to listen to again or will want to have your friends listen to. I also would also have edited out the bits about the sound changes during the Laughing Matter show.

This is good stuff.

Love Is A Laughing Matter
Kevin Hughes
2 CD set
Independent Release 2006

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