Kurt Braunohler closes his set with a list of people he would like to kill. They are very very safe. Braunohler couldn’t kill if he went on stage with a bazooka.  I even fail to see why Kurt Braunohler decided he should record his musings and release the performance as a stand-up comedy comedy. Hell, I can’t understand why the people in the audience laughed during its recording.  Braunohler has very little of interest to say and even less of it is funny.

Perhaps I am wrong and going around book stores and signing books such as “Jive hustler, Clive Custler” or going to the greeting card section, writing some lame comment inside, and putting it back is funny

His other material is biographical but since he is banal and what he talks about is ordinary, it too fails.

There is one good bit on Kurt Braunohler How Do I Land? It is the idea of hiring a sky writer to write the title of this comedy album.

How Do I Land?
Kurt Braunohler
Stand-up Comedy CD
Kill Rock Stars 2013

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