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Love and Other Drugs
Anne Hathaway, Jake Gylenhall
Directed by Edward Zwick
Fox Home Entertainment 2011
112 minutes

Love and Other Drugs is a very good romantic comedy DVD and very good romantic drama. It does a successful job of yin-yanging both throughout most of the movie. Part of this comedy achieves what quite a few movies have tried to do and failed miserably at: poke fun at Big Pharma like Pfizer. The yang part is one of the main characters is in her very early thirties and has Parkinson’s Disease. Fair warning to those who believe everything should be family friendly: Love and Other drugs has nudity.

Gylenhall plays born with a silver spoon pretty boy Jamie Randall. Jamie is a med school dropout by choice and has been successful at everything especially bedding the ladies. He gets a job as sales rep for Pfizer a few months before it brings out Viagra.

On one of his sales rounds he meets Maggie, a beautiful, strong-willed, funny bohemian artist. She is wary of him in part because of his ties to big pharma. He seduces her with the promise of a no strings attached only bed buddies relationship. This is what she is looking for as she has Parkinson s Disease and does not want to saddle or be saddled by somebody.

Both these unromantics find out they have feelings for each other. That is where the second half picks up.

The one thing that really does not work in Love and Other Drugs is Josh, Jake s millionaire geek live-in brother. He is obviously there for comic relief as the fat slob character but this comedy / drama does not need it and the character is not successful at it.

Love and Other Drugs is a very good and enjoyable romantic comedy with a dramatic twist. This is a keeper.

Special features on Love and Other Drugs DVD are Deleted Scenes, An actor s Discussion, Beautifully Complex – Anna Hathaway is Maggie, and Reformed Womanizer – Jake Gylenhall is Jamie

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