Generational Gap
Matt Falk
Comedy CD
Independent Release 2017
Available at comic s website

Matt Falk Generation Gap is an excellent comedy CD.

Falk may not be most original in his choice of topics but since he can make even an old canard like a bit about going to Ikea funny and original it does not really matter. What also helps is he is very easy to like so the audience is more than willing to go along with whatever story Falk tells. This is a clean comic you can bring your friends and family to see and be commended on your comedy tastes.

Anyone who has played Clue will enjoy Falk’s take on the obviousness of the solves. Falk sometimes touches upon being Mennonite and the best moment is about the difference between his grandfather’s options and his which segues nicely into bits about his weight, the magic of clothes, and people giving unwanted advice.

Another solid moment on this comedy album is the story about filming a pilot and riding a horse for the first time.

Generation Gap closes with a bit of a tour de force where Falk teaches how to do accents and goes full circle from upper class British to Newfie, a few others, and back to the Queen’s. It is an excellent way to close a show.

My one complaint, and I worked a bit to find it, is the opening pre-show track where Falk is talking to someone about having pre-show jitters.

Falk’s website is worth a visit even if the podcasts are not up to date at the time this review was written.


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