There is no way you are not going to looooove comic Danny Lobell’s stand-up comedy download The Nicest Boy in Barcelona.

There is also no way you can get rid of the earworm Lobell plants in his Costco bit. This is a highly enjoyable, good natured, just plain fun to listen to comedy download or CD. I highly recommend it and more.

Lobell’s forte is biographical material related to pranks he pulled or were pulled on him. The opening track is about the repercussions of having Doctor put in front of his name on a credit card and the comic milks is juuuussssst right. Another solid routine is about a prank a deceased friend pulled on him. These two bits are tied with the Costco story for best moment on the album.

Also rock solid are the two tracks about the time Danny Lobell worked in a nursing home and the revolution he tried to start. You will never look at a waxed halllway quite the same way after listening to this story.

Not everything on The Nicest Boy in Barcelona is light. The stand-up has a rather original take on religions on the track Aggressive Book Club and bit on why Jews and time machines do not really mix well hints some dark moments.

If, if Danny Lobell has a weakness it is his endings are not as powerful as the material setting them up. Case in point is the closer How AA Made Me An Alcoholic where a very funny story sort of fizzles out at the end. This in no way takes away from enjoying The Nicest Boy In Barcelona.

For those with OCD like me, I will save you some time and tell you the cover for this comedy album is an echo of Miles Davis’ Sketches of Spain. It is a cool idea for a cover.

It is no secret I think Stand Up! Records rocks and we’ve reviewed just about everything here.

The Nicest Boy in Barcelona
Danny Lobell
Comedy download or CD
Stand Up! Records 2017


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