Matt McClowry gives a solid performance on his stand-up comedy album Working Out.

McClowry is not a comic who will surprise you with his premises or observations but the stuff is generally very funny.  If you are looking for a comfortable listening experience with some adult references but clean language, this is a good choice.

This comedy MP3 album consists of biographical and observational material. There are a couple of really old jokes here such as Trojan not being a good name for a condom and they stand out in the middle of more original jokes such as Kmart is what happens when Wal Mart sells the floor buffer for drug money.

I found myself wishing Matt McClowry had done more with the premise he has Asperger instead of going for the easy homonym joke.

This is available from Uproar!

Matt McClowry
Comedy MP3 Album
Uproar 2014

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