It is only January but The Accidental Bisexual by Melinda Hill is going to be the oddest comedy album of 2011.

This is not stand-up comedy as most of us define the term. Melinda Hill reads anecdotal and biographical comic tales to what has to be the most perfect audience ever put together for a recording. The result is something much better than a recording of someone reading their stories but something not really stand-up.  No matter, The Accidental Bisexual is an entertaining, funny, and original stand-up comedy CD.

Hill is very good at telling stories about an innocent ditzy blonde that have just the right touch of the absurd. The humor comes from the story itself, the level of silliness, and Hill’s ability to pause at just the right time and in just the right way the audience laughs.

The Accidental Bisexual features biographical stories about being in a Creed video, guys that she thinks were boyfriends and were not, guys who expect much more than a handshake after a date, an odd one-day stint as a stripper, and her experience being the girlfriend of a stand-up comedienne.

This CD or MP3 download is, again, most unusual. The Accidental Bisexual is a release stand-up comedy fans will certainly want to check out. I just happen to really like it.

I would be most interested in seeing Melinda Hill on stage at a comedy club. YouTube clips indicate she usually has a more traditional stand-up approach but oddly enough I would like to see both approaches.

The Accidental Bisexual
Melinda Hill
Comedy CD
Stand Up! Records 2011
45 minutes

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