Though I enjoyed Voyageur, I am well aware a younger reviewer than I will enjoy this stand-up comedy album much more.

Mikey Manker is in his early thirties and the biographical and observational material on this stand-up MP3 album is aimed at that general target of an audience. At the same time, I can appreciate the fact Manker is original and funny.

I was really impressed by the misdirection based “Wax On”, the second track on this comedy album. The first third of this is material about the experiences and mistakes and we all have and make in our twenties and such. This includes waking up next to a stranger and working a shitty job.

If you are a devoted  parent, you are going to want to skip the second third Manker’s album. It focuses on why kids are a terrible concept and how kids now are overly protected. On the other hand, if you are more realistic about children and parenting, you are going to enjoy the material a hell of a lot.

Another great moment on Voyageur is about how Manker and his sister both tried to keep their major secret from their parents. Anyone who has a sister or brother will relate to this story. Manker really tells it well and knows just when to push the trigger on the punchline.

Voyageur is less impressive in its closing. The penultimate bit is about a relative proposing a racist joke to Manker for his act. The closer is about an incident involving a high school character named Showtime and a guest speaker. The built up on Showtime does not warrant rather banal punchline to that story.

Mikey Manker
Comedy download Album
Stand Up! Records 2015

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