Crazy, Stupid Love
Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore
Directed by Glenn Ficarra, John Requa
Warner Home Video 2011
118 minutes

Crazy, Stupid Love starring Steve Carell is a romantic comedy that feels very strange at first. That is because there is not a formulaic plot line in there. Unlike what is the recent norm, this movie does not feature stupid characters, over the top situations, unbelievable story lines, crude humor, or demeaning situations. Once you get used to the idea the characters here are quite normal and believable and so are their stories, this romcom pulls you in for an enjoyable and humorous experience.

Steve Carell is low-key as Carl Weaver, a forty-something man who is totally surprised when his wife and high-school sweetheart asks for a divorce. His pal Jacob (Ryan Gosling) takes him under his wing and shows him the tricks that have made him a successful ladies man. Carl is a bit of a slow learner but soon develops a style of his very own.

Meanwhile, Emily Weaver tries to deal with her decision and the co-worker she had an affair with (Kevin Bacon). Carl’s son Robbie has a major crush on babysitter Jessica who herself has a crush on Carl. Carl’s love coach buddy Jacob (Gosling) hits on the ladies but then meets Hannah (Emma Stone) and this changes things.

This romantic comedy has quite a few original ideas but cannot avoid making the man the one in the wrong: Carl’s wife cheated on him and Carl’s wife asked for a divorce but Carl is a schmuck because he slept around after that.

If you want a romcom with a brain, a heart, and a few new twists, Crazy, Stupid Love is a very good choice.

Crazy, Stupid Love Blu-ray DVD Combo special features are Steve Carell and Ryan Walk Into a Bar, The Player Meets His Match, Deleted Scenes, and an Ultraviolet digital copy.


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