Dan Gabriel is a very good stand-up comic. Giant Robot, his independent stand-up comedy CD  is one of the better onesI have heard in a while be it on a major or indie label. Gabriel is not particularly profound and his humor is fairly superficial but his take on things is funny, different from what you usually get from a young comedian, and makes for a solid release.

Aside from the fairly dated Hulk joke and the usual “How come his pants stay on when everything else gets ripped off?” joke his humorous take on TV is different. Dan Gabriel probably does well on the college circuit with his funny story about his dope head roommate and his experiences with pot.

His biographical references to being a Filipino-American are interesting and, for some weird reason have a Japanese slant on them such as the joke about the sign for problem being the same as for opportunity. Perhaps the best bit is what the title of this self-release comedy cd refers to: the Honda track and its Transformers punchline.

Dan Gabriel’s forte is that you do not know where the joke will go. A real comedy fan can usually more or less predict where the material is going but this standup usually manages to take it somewhere totally different and make it funny nonetheless. He also does well with the recall.

No comedy CD is complete without relationship humor and he delivers with a track about weddings that do not last and, of course, a track about an ex-girlfriend that veers into adult-oriented material.

Gabriel works clean but Giant Robot is still geared towards adults. Although young adults will definitely find this comic funny, older fans of comedy will also very much enjoy his act.

Giant Robot by Dan Gabriel is a very solid independent release comedy CD featuring absolutely perfect sound.

Giant Robot
Dan Gabriel
Stand-up comedy download
Independent Release

Track List:

Kinda Brown
Weird Shows
Stoner Roommate
Rock Star


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