Myq Kaplan is a very unusual comic. This makes Vegan Mind Meld an entertaining and often surprising stand-up comedy CD.

This is clean, smart, adult oriented comedy where most bits last a minute or two. Myq Kaplan’s favorite approach is to set-up then pull the expected punch line from under your feet. This means Vegan Mind Meld is not quite a comedy CD you can pop in the player on a long road trip: you have to follow along more than you usually do.

Myq Kaplan not only most of the time surprises you with where the joke is going. Vegan Mind Meld contains a few gems you will want to remember and use yourself, “We did of course the Jewish divorce custom where we took a broken glass and we put it back together.”

Another strong point and one of the many funny bits on Vegan Mind Meld is Kaplan’s ability to tear apart some classic right wing arguments such as gays are unnatural because there are no gay animals, to which Kaplan points out angels are unnatural because there are no angels in nature. He uses that technique later on with another bit on gay marriage that connects to women’s voting rights and Black people owning land.

There really is a lot going on on this stand-up comedy CD so keeping track of everything is arduous. A favorite on Vegan Mind Meld is Differences and Similarities where Christmas and Passover are compared “there’s a guy who flies across the land and delivers things to non-Jews whether it’s toys from Santa or death from the angel of death.”

There is a hell of a lot to enjoy on this Myq Kaplan comedy CD and enjoy it you certainly will.

Vegan Mind Mend
Myq Kaplan
Stand-up Comedy CD
Live at Comix! – BSeenMedia 2010

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