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Transylmania Unrated Edition
Oren Skoog, Worm Miller, Jennifer Lyons
Directed by Hillenbrand brothers
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2010
97 minutes

Transylmania is your basic B-movie giggle jiggle-fest very crude humor for teen boys and frat guys moronic comedy DVD. As these things go, this is not particularly awful. This comedy was directed and written by the same people who brought you cinematic classics like Dorm Daze and Dorm Daze 2 and features the same actors in lead roles they wrote for themselves but do not have the talent to play

For Transylmania to work you have to believe these thirty-something actors are college age students and that these college students would actually make it into even a community college, never mind as transfer students. Exposition reveals the college in Transylvania used to be a vampire castle and the students look like some of the characters from the legend of yore and there is a magic music box involved.

Cue vampires including Oren Skoog as the leader. Imagine the worse Bela Lugosi imitator you can and realize that imitator would be better than Skoog.

There is much in Transylmania to remind vampire comedy fans of  the black and white monster comedies of the late forties and early fifties, without the talent of course and with some topless scenes. The story includes a mistaken identity bit and a Frankenstein monster bit.

Transylmania does have a few good jokes and a few funny moments. If only it could have found real actors.

The Transylmania DVD includes a commentary track, alternate opening and ending, deleted and extended scenes, and a gag reel.


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