Politically Incoherent by Rocky Mountain Mike is a rarity as sketch comedy CDs go: There is not a bad track in the bunch.

Usually these things are rather uneven but here not a single skit that goes on too long, the production values are top notch, and the supporting talent is real talent and not friends of the guy(s) making the CD. The only people who will not enjoy Politically Incoherent are those who watch FAUX News and similar neoconpoops.

All of Politically Incoherent takes on the Tea Party nutjobs, Republicans, and other conservatives. There is a little bit of everything comedy wise here. There musical spoofs like It’s My Party (and I’ll lie if I want to) and tunes like Rick Perry’s History Lesson,  fake commercials like Tea Party Harmony (“where you are certain to find someone just as greedy, xenophobic, and narrow-minded as you”) or for   a new game called Class Warfare which includes an army of right-wing robots, and some especially nasty bits of satire like the special report from the Pat Robertson Gay Abortion Tornado Radar Center.

Politically Incoherent ends with a history lesson given by Sarah Palin (whose knowledge of the facts is only slightly better than Ann Coulter).

Even if like myself, you have given up on sketch comedy, you owe it to yourself to get Rocky Mountain Mike’s CD. If like myself, you also enjoy irritating those you hate, buy a few and give them as gifts to anyone who says liberal as if it was a disease.

Politically Incoherent
Rocky Mountain Mike
Morada Music 2013

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