That’s My Boy
Adam Sandler, actors with a bad agent.
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2012
116 minutes

The only reason to watch That’s My Boy is if you swallowed poison and need to induce vomiting. If a joke was too moronic, too tasteless, too juvenile, too offensive, too adult for Adam Sandler’s previous movies it found its way into That’s My Boy. Sandler has long given up on any pretense of having any talent and just plays the same idiot with the same dumbass voice from movie to movie. He does it again here.That’s My boy is a great gift idea if you pick the name of someone you truly despise at the office Christmas gift exchange.

Adam Sandler plays Donny Berger. Donny got his teacher pregnant when he was in his early teens. Years later he is a washout –aka typecasting for Sandler– and his son has changed identities and is now a successful financial consultant about to get married. Donny needs money to stay out of jail so he tracks down his son.

There follows scenes in a strip club featuring an obese fifty-year old and a dancer in a neck brace, a scene where Donny does it with the grandmother of the bride, incest, and other even less tasteful ideas.

There is absolutely no reason to even think of the possibility of watching this horrible, tasteless piece of crap. And I’m being polite.

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