There have been a hell of a lot of stand-up comedy MP3 albums released recently. Don’t Shake A Baby by Spencer James stands out from the rest.

James is a young biographical comic who has a odd take on familiar topics like dating and girlfriends, sex, and things he did when he was younger. This is a very good album if you are someone in your twenties or early thirties and a good album if you are older.

Spencer also has a talent for punchlines whose set-up is visible only after the fact. He has a talent for clean but raunchy bits such as the one about the origin of the banging sound on his bedroom wall or how a woman’s orgasm sounds the same as when someone scares her.

I do wish he had done more with the wheelchair guy at Home Depot bit but it is very tight as is.

Spencer James is a comic I look forward to hearing more from and would pay to see live.

Don t Shake A Baby
Spencer James
Comedy MP3 Album
Uproar 2014

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