It would be unfair to label Steve McGrew a grittier, more mature audience Jeff Foxworthy (of Blue Collar Tour fame and so on). It would be just as unfair to compare what this stand-up comic does on Too Much Man For One Woman to what Foxworthy or Larry the Cable Guy do but there are definite similarities in terms of what their funny jokes are about. Steve McGrew and and his stand-up comedy CD Too Much Man For One Woman is definitely in the deep-fried southern comedy genre.

Yet another hapless male in a world he doesn’t understand, Steve McGrew covers your usual comedy subjects like sex, white trash, stupid people, the differences between men and women, marriage, and popular trends. This does not mean he is not original. Too Much Man For One Woman is definitely a funny comedy stand-up comedy CD by a stand-up comedian who has a way with language “3.50 for a latte? That’s a latte money!” and is a keen observer of people. Although some of the tracks on this funny CD are dated (Bill Clinton jokes), most of them are timeless humor (unless someone comes up with something to replace toilet paper and television). Fans of funny jokes about relationships and married life will be more than satisfied with this comedy CD. Steve McGrew’s topics for funny jokes are not particularly original but he himself is and this makes for a very good comedy cd.

Although the mature language on Steve McGrew Too Much Man For One Woman is something a little unusual but not unheard of from Uproar, the usual excellent sound quality and bang for your buck are there. Of course, if your taste in comedy runs more in the Jeff Foxworthy mode and jokes about BJs, porno, and sex in general, this stand-up comedy CD is not for you. For an audience who knows not all great comedy is clean, this is definitely a good comedy cd to have.

Steve McGrew
Too Much Man For One Woman
Stand-up comedy CD
Mature Language

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