The Book of Randicus by Randy Feltface is an oddly entertaining stand-up comedy show. Randy Feltface is an Australian bald purple muppet. Here, Feltface wears a cloak and speaks from a pulpit. The talk sometimes cuts to scenes shot outside for some undefined reason.

The heart of The Book of Randicus is the premise that seventy thousand years ago an alien named Beryl made homo sapiens the top of the food chain and expected us to create a better world. Randy Feltface feels it is his duty to remind us of that since it’s not working out too well.

The show itself sometimes veers off its main idea to allow Randy Feltface to tell stories about what happened to George Michael or writing about your experience after a visit somewhere. The George Michael segment does tie into the premise, the experience bit is just observational comedy.

This segues into a very clever bit on Randy’s near death experience (I will not spoil the clever joke) which fits in with the idea of The Book of Randicus. Feltface then talks about his uncle, the incompetent magician. Here, you get the feeling the material doesn’t quite work as well as it could have.

The Book of Randicus closes with the question have we followed up on Beryl the alien’s request? It’s an interesting question.

Another interesting question is would The Book of Randicus be as interesting if it was performed by Heath McIvor, the man behind Randy Feltface. I think it is the purple muppet gimmick, for that is what it is, that makes the show work

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