Aside from the occasional time where you would need to see Michael Malone on stage to get the joke, Let’s Get Physical is a varied and funny stand-up comedy MP3 album and CD.

There is something for just about everybody here as long as you do not mind some adult language. The first track where Malone plugs his show on a radio show is a waste and does not belong on a CD.

Some of the bits on this stand-up comedy album are very good. A favorite is Vampire Mom where Mrs. Malone convinces her son she is a vampire. Different Machines is also a lot of fun.

Also good are My Mother, Home For The Holidays, and the stepdad bit.

Pirate Love has a good premise but Malone fails to keep up the metaphor.

Let’s Get Physical by Michael Malone features a couple of routines that fail to rise above ordinary like the finding your luggage bit or nature show based When Nature Attacks.

Less successful on Michael Malone Let’s Get Physical is when the stand-up comic interacts with the audience. It is a set-up for a bit but you cannot quite hear what the audience member says, it is noisy, and not particularly interesting.

Overall, this is a good stand-up comedy CD or MP3 album. It makes you want to go see Michael Malone live and look forward to what is next.

Let’s Get Physical
Michael Malone
Stand-up Comedy MP3 Album and CD
Next Round Records 2011


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