Todd Butler Goes Madly Off
Independent Release

If you’ve ever wondered who’s the guy who wrote that bluesy funny song with a whole bunch of car names, the answer is Todd Butler and the name of the song is, logically enough, Car Song. This track alone makes this two CD set worth getting (Safari as I could tell, this Swift little Trouper’s Expedition…” This song is extremely funny and clever and the puns amazingly atrocious. Todd Butler Goes Madly Off Live is a very good two disc independent comedy CD release.

The story behind Todd Butler Goes Madly Off Live is simple. Madly Off In All Directions is a weekly comedy / funny song half hour show on CBC radio and in 2003 regular host Lorne Elliott decided to take a sabbatical. No other comic, funny songwriter than Todd Butler could have successfully been guest host over a long period of time. Goes Madly Off Live consists of the live recordings of the five shows Todd Butler hosted and his contributions to those shows.

Each show begins, annoyingly enough -but there are probably contractual rights reasons behind this decision-with the opening theme of Madly Off In All Directions and then a not always subtle cut to “Here’s your host, Todd Butler.” Once you get over that the rest of this two¬†disc independent comedy CD release is smooth sailing. Each track is a mix of stand-up comedy and funny song or story by Todd Butler. Not everything works and some of the funny songs have lyrics that do not quite go with the tune but this is not jarring enough to mar the experience.

Of course, Todd Butler Goes Madly Off Live is very topically Canadian and each show’s jokes and funny songs are focused on the place the show was being recorded in (Grande Prairie, AB, Cranbrook, BC, Coutenay, BC, Saskatoon, SK, and Sault Ste Marie, On) so a non-Canadian audience will not get all the subtleties and topical references. Still, you can definitely enjoy this two CD set because although you might not get everything, Todd Butler manages to keep things general enough to amuse everyone.

The only caveat is Todd Butler puns are deliciously atrocious. Some like really bad puns, others do not. Hey, this is the CD with the Todd Butler car song so there you go.


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