It is impossible to not really love Your Feature Performer Is Wasted. Erik Allen is your good drunk buddy with the funny stories. This stand-up comedy CD or MP3 album is on the short side at 30 minutes  –something Stand Up! Records took in consideration when pricing this release– but Allen does more in those thirty minutes than most comics do on what is considered a full CD. MP3 album at Amazon

Allen is immediately likeable and tells really good bender stories. His Drunk Me and Sober Me set-up is an excellent way to tell blackout and morning after stories. This kind of material is rarely that funny for more than ten minutes. This is not the case for Allen who not only has some very funny tales, like drinking Ranch Daniels or how technology has ruined the blackout, but he is an interesting, non-agressive drunk.

This comedy mp3 album and CD proves stand-up does not have to be profound or relevant to be extremely enjoyable. Your Feature Performer Is Wasted by Erik Allen will put a smile on your face.

Your Feature Performer Is Wasted
Erik Allen
Stand-up Comedy CD or MP3
Stand Up! Records 2012

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