Keep Up
Tom Simmons
Independent Release 2010
57 minutes
available at comic’s website

What impresses most about Keep Up, Tom Simmons ‘ fifth stand-up comedy CD, is the scope and depth.

It even has the only zorse bit I have ever heard. Keep Up is absolutely solid, intelligent, and funny as hell. I have always been a fan of this comic but even I was surprised at how good this CD is.

Simmons opens strong with a bit on Black History Month, Obama, and capitalism. It is followed by a superb bit on how the planet is fighting back: “it started a few years ago with shark attacks, and then the mosquitoes started giving us encephalitis, the birds got the flu, the cows got mad, and the fuck!ng peanut butter is after us …”

Keep Up also features routines on raising a kid, relationship, being a good person. It also has a good bit on how to be a good terrorist, Simmons’ experience as a comic in Iraq and Afghanistan, people in general rage, and MTV’s Sweet Sixteen.

Tom Simmons also does one of the best bits on the “N word” ever. His solution is superb and very funny.

A couple of the jokes on Keep Up are a bit dated. This includes the Michael Vick though it does set up a great bit on animal rights.

The last two tracks on Keep Up are basically bonus material. They are a collection stand-up bits that didn’t quite fit anywhere else. This includes a bit on the link between Black Eyed Susans and Lazy Susans, drinking, necrophilia, karma, and some one-liners and very short bits.

Tom Simmons Keep Up will certainly be high on our 2010 top 10 comedy CD list.

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