Hear This! is the third full-length stand-up comedy CD or MP3 album by comic Dan Cummins, following on the heels of Revenge Is Near and Crazy with a Capital F.

Cummins has a very unique timing and delivery style, one that is instantly recognizable and identifiable.  While Cummins’ chosen topics are fairly routine, the manner in which he dissects and presents the material is definitely unique to him alone.

The album opens with a great bit called Pinkie Thumbs, about a hotel clerk who once tried to steal Cummins’ credit card number.  Pinkie Thumbs gets its name from the fact that the clerk had his thumbs surgically replaced by his pinky fingers, and what unfolds in this long form story is hysterical.

Perhaps my favorite track from the album is simply titled “Dead.”  On that track, Cummins talks about our lack of patience for the people who we come across in our daily lives, and ponders what it would be like if we had the power to kill people just by thinking it and wishing them dead.  While Cummins is certainly not the first comic to discuss this topic, he very well might have handled it the best.

This comedy CD clocks in at just over an hour, with not more than 5 minutes of filler or fluff.  The majority of the MP3 album is rock solid, and well worth the purchase price.  If you are already a fan of Dan Cummins, this is a must have.  If you are not familiar with Dan Cummins, start with this album, as of the three albums this is his most solid effort to date.

Hear This!
Dan Cummins
Stand-up Comedy CD or MP3 Album
Jack Records / Warner Brothers 2012


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