The Texas Chanoinesaw Massacre by stand-up comic Jay Chanoine is the real deal when it comes to stand-up comedy downloads.

Chanoine is a very entertaining comic with original topics. At a time when biographical stand-up comedy seems to be the only thing going and generally banal at best, Jay Chanoine’s material stands out for how well it is written and how different it is. The Texas Chanoinesaw Massacre is yet another Stand Up! Records release worth your comedy dollar.

This stand-up comedy download opens with a short comedy club story that does not reallyset-up the quality of the rest of the set. What does is the next track about Yankee Candle liking his post about their placenta scented candle. This is followed by a bit on GuyFieri and Law and Order and what the two would sound together.

A highlight of The Texas Chanoinesaw Massacre is Beauty and the Beast on how Hollywood comes up with movie ideas. It is surreal but very, very believable. Also excellent and definitely worth downloading if you want to start with just a taste of this comedy album is  A Bible Story About Genital Mutilation or the story of the task King Saul gave David so he could marry his daughter.

Spencer’s Gifts and Weird Al Yankovic are also topics that make Jay Chanoine and this stand-up comedy download thoroughly (aside from track one) entertaining.

The Texas Chanoinesaw Massacre
Jay Chanoine
Stand-up comedy download
Stand Up! Records 2019

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