A 420 Friendly Comedy Special is high….ly entertaining. I am a fan of stand-up comedy albums featuring a few different stand-up comics and this one is no exception.

What is somewhat different is all the comics here are  rock solid and the MP3 album clocks in at 100 minutes. The show features Keith Lowell Jensen, Jasper Redd, Dan Gabriel, and Ngaio Bealum. 420 Friendly Comedy Special is also available in Blu-ray.

Keith Lowell Jensen is the host for this excellent show. He does an excellent job of warming up the crowd and transitioning from one comic to the other. He has a great bit about his daughter believing she is a tiger.

Jasper Redd does material also available on his CD Jazz Talk. He has a strong set that includes some white people vs. black people bits. Dan Gabriel’s topics are not particularly original (airplanes, TV shows) but he is a stand-up comic I have always liked and he has some original takes on the topics. His best bit is Las Vegas.

Oddly enough, there are not a lot of weed and stoner references in the first three quarters of A 420 Friendly Comedy Special. Ngaio Bealum more than makes up for it as the closer. You really, really have to listen to his first bit Weedhovah’s Witnesses which is brilliant.

As an MP3 album, this is an superb bang for your dollar. There are a couple of instances where jokes a lost because it is a video but nothing that really gets in the way of the experience.

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A 420 Friendly Comedy Special
Keith Lowell Jensen, Jasper Redd
Dan Gabriel, Ngaio Bealum
Comedy MP3 or Blu-ray
Stand Up! Records 2014

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