Although no babies were harmed in the making, Baby for Sale is an excellent stand-up comedy CD.

Comic Dan Gabriel does very funny light but not lightweight stand-up comedy. This is a welcome change from the social critic political pundit angst ridden comedy that is now more or less the norm. This stand-up comedy CD is also much better than the generic biographical and observational stand-up that is the alternative to the profound stuff.

Dan Gabriel opens with some self-introductory jokes before a good bit on The Price Is Right, Bob Barker era.

I was quite impressed with his post mortem Michael Jackson jokes on Pop Culture, track 4 of this stand-up comedy CD. This segues nicely into a bit on Cash Cab and a superb bit on old school and Elmo school Sesame Street.

Baby For Sale’s relatively weaker moment is the pot bit. Fortunately, Gabriel doesn’t stray there too long and moves on to a very good post O.J. bit, a superb joke about being a javelin thrower, and more Olympic stand-up material.

Also very good on this comedy CD is E-tarded, a bit on not being good with technology.

Dan Gabriel also has an extremely funny one-liner about his wedding ring all married guys will steal and repeat at the local bar.

A personal favorite on Dan Gabriel Baby For Sale is the Diary routine where the comic reads from his diary and the diary his wife is supposed to find. This bring on a great bit on the risks of foam memory pillows.

The routine the title track of this comedy CD relates to is very good. This is somewhat standard new dad stuff but this comedian makes it funny. Also very good is the closer, Bedtime Stories, about doing it with the TV on and more … creative sex.

I could have done without the bonus track.

Baby For Sale
Dan Gabriel
Stand-up Comedy CD
Independent Release 2010
48 minutes

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