Seasons 1 and 2
18 episodes 2 DVD
Aired Adult Swim 2009-11
Warner Home Entertainment 2012

Delocated! Seasons 1 & 2 has 18 episodes of this very weird Adult Swim mockumentary sitcom. Season 1 episodes run about 11 minutes for 15 minutes of TV time while the 11 season 2 shows are 22 minutes long for a half-hour TV show. Delocated! is an acquired taste and for those with a more offbeat sense of humor. The episodes are uneven but generally funny enough.

“Take a family from the Witness Protection Program, move them to New York City, and give them their own reality program” and you get Delocated!, the story of Jon and Susan and their son David. To keep their identities secret, they wear ski masks at all times and had their voices surgically altered.

Things go immediately downhill when the luxurious loft they were promised is but a small hotel room. Susan soon leaves Jon, taking David with her. Jon is left with his bodyguard. An inept stand-up comic and hitman for the Russian mob (comedian Eugene Mirman) occasionally tries to off Jon and his family. Just to show how bizarre Delocated! is, the hitman is often followed by the reality show’s camera crew.

The show’s main weakness is some of the actors are not much better than what you get in a low budget student film.

If you are an Adult Swim fan, you are probably going to enjoy Delocated! Seasons 1 & 2

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