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Blu-ray Comedy Double Feature with Chevy Chase
Funny Farm (1988) and Spies Like Us (1985)
Chevy Chase, Madolyn Smith Osborne, Dan Aykroyd
1 Blu-ray disc
Warner Home Entertainment 2010

This Blu-ray Comedy Double Feature set features two Chevy Chase movies: Funny Farm and Spies Like Us with Dan Aykroyd. Both of these comedies are the kind you would not mind watching if they were on TV one Saturday afternoon. Spies Like Us is the better of the two. Unless it is really on sale somewhere and you are a Chevy Chase or Aykroyd fan, there is no real reason to upgrade these two comedies to Blu-ray.

In Funny Farm, the first of this Blu-ray Comedy Double Feature, Chevy Chase plays a New York sportswriter who buys a house in farm country. The idea is to write the great American novel and start a family with the little missus (Madolyn Smith Osborne). The hick town he moves to has more weird characters than an asylum. Things go wrong, sometimes to comic effect.

You do not really buy the characters or the situations as everything is a set up for a gag and nothing else. Some of the gags are funny, usually when Chase does some slapstick. Neither main character is really defined or interesting and the main story element, that of changing the small town, shows up too late and for no real reason.

The second comedy on this Blu-ray is Spies Like Us, a modern version of the Cosby and Hope On the Road movies –look for a cameo by Bob Hope. Chase and Aykroyd play two government agents set up as targets and decoys so the real agents can get the job done. You can pretty much guess it is Chase and Aykroyd who will get the job done

The laughs here come form the silly Special Ops training they get, various misadventures and misunderstandings in foreign lands, and Aykroyd’s and Chase’s general ineptitude. It all makes for a rather enjoyable movie.

This Blu-ray Comedy Double Feature has no special features whatsoever.

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