Cops and Robbersons
Chevy Chase, Jack Palance
Originally released 1994
Mill Creek Entertainment 2016

I forgot how much fun Cops and Robbersons is. This comedy stars Jack Palance as a detective and Chevy Chase as a family man whose house and family is taken over for a stake out. Palance is fresh from his  City Slickers Academy Award; Chase plays a variation of Clark Griswold. Thanks to Milll Creek Entertainment, Cops and Robbersons is now available in the 6 DVD Comedy 20 Movie Collection. A list of the 19 other comedies is included at the bottom of this review.

Detective Jake Stone (Jack Palance) learns a violent and wanted counterfeiter is in town. He commandeers the home of the very middle class Robbersons which neighbors the bad guy. The Robbersons are a seemingly happy family but scratch the surface and they all have problems. The detective’s no-nonsense style soon make him head of the household so Norman Robberson (Chase) feels threatened and starts trying to catch the bad guy all by himself.

Having seen Cops and Robbersons a few times over the years, I still fail to see why Siskel and Ebert panned this comedy or why it has such a low Rotten Tomatoes rating. Yes, the plot is a bit thin and Dianne Wiest is given little to do as Helen Robberson but the movie has more than a few good gags. One is the youngest thinks he is Dracula and tries to bite the detective until “Uncle Jake” does what it takes to get rid of a vampire. Another is Norman can’t seem to get the greasy spoon waiter to get his bagel order straight.

The ending of Cops and Robbersons is over the top but what do you expect from a Chevy Chase comedy? Other Comedy 20 Movies reviews

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