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Analyze This and Analyze That Blu-ray
Billy Crystal, Robert De Niro, Lisa Kudrow
Directed by Harold Ramis
Originally released 1999 and 2002
Warner Home Entertainment 2010


Analyze This and the unnecessary sequel Analyze That are now available a a Blu-ray Comedy Double Feature disc. Analyze This is a very good comedy but I fail to see the point of getting the Blu-ray version considering there are no special features whatsoever and the picture is not at all better than what you get on the DVD and the DVDs of these movies have some special features like a gag reel.

In Analyze This Robert De Niro plays a mafia boss prone to anxiety attacks. He consults a shrink, Billy Crystal, and makes his life much more complicated than a man about to get married for a second time and with father issues needs it to be.  The comedy here comes from the fact we are used to seeing De Niro play characters like this but not with a comic take on them. Crystal is also excellent as the put upon shrink.

This Blu-ray comedy pokes fun at the usual mob movie and psychotherapy tropes. It features smart, funny, sharp dialogue and one-liners and many original and funny moments that make it a really fun movie to watch.

Analyze That is a much lesser comedy. The premise behind Analyze This has lost its charm and pretty much been milked. Not that it does not have its moments. This time Paul Vitti (De Niro) is let out of jail and put in the custody of his shrink Dr. Sobel (Crystal). Sobel himself has a few father issues to deal with.

It is kind of fun to watch De Niro sing West Site Story tunes and pretend to be insane but you keep getting the feeling he is mugging for the camera more than anything and his heart is not really into it.

This is a good comedy, That is decent enough, but This and That does not justify Blu-ray.


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