Chick Magnet
Jeff Venables, Meili Cady, Josh Beren
Directed by Ryan R. Williams
Phase4Films 2011

Chick Magnet is a sex comedy DVD squarely aimed at teen boys and frat brothers. The premise is three loser buddies are given the shirt originally worn by the guy who created the Kama Sutra. The shirt has magic powers making the wearer a chick magnet. This movie goes for low rent defecation and vomiting humor early on and then settles for brief nudity and simulated sex scenes. As these things go, this one is not bad.

Phil (Jeff Venables, who co-wrote the movie), Chuck, and Yanni are twenty-something slackers. Phil has just been dumped by his girlfriend so he moves in with buddies Chuck and Yanni (Jeff Sloniker). They are given a magic shirt that makes any guy, even these three, wearing it an instant sexual center for any woman around him.

Chuck and Yanni use the shirt to get the kind of woman they could not even get in their wildest dreams. Phil uses the shirt to get his wife back. Of course, not everything goes according to plan. Of course, there is a catch. Phil obviously was not listening when the shirt rules were being explained by the previous owner.

The acting in Chick Magnet is pretty decent for a low budget movie. The writing is this comedy’s weak point. Easy jokes like, “I’m seeing a shrink to help me stop wearing and his fucking shit works.” are more than plentiful. The story is also somewhat repetitive with a guy wearing the shirt and being pawed by countless women, the guys arguing over whose turn it is, and the shirt being stolen by someone.

There are no special features for Chick Magnet aside from trailers for other movies.

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