Billy Connolly, Dylan Baker,
Carrie Ann Moss, K’Sun Ray
Directed by Andrew Currie
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2007
91 minutes

Zombies may be the flavor of the day when it comes to movies but Fido DVD is a very enjoyable zombie comedy.

Basically, Fido is Pleasantville meets Lassie. This is a fun to watch little comedy with quite a few inside jokes and a great if a bit stiff performance by Billy Connolly as the zombie.

Set in the fifties and after a great zombie versus humans war and after someone invented a special collar you put on a zombie to make them as docile as a house pet, Fido is the story of Billy (K’Sun Ray) a rather lonely boy whose mother (Carrie Ann Moss) buys a zombie to help around the house and keep up with the Joneses.

This does not sit well bit the man of the house, Dylan Baker, who is afraid of zombies and traumatized from having had to kill his zombie turned father when he was eleven.

Fido and Billy soon become best of friends and Fido becomes Billy’s protector against the local bullies. Unfortunately, an accident turns off Fido’s collar and he kills a little old lady.

This cascades into a series of zombie related events that Billy and his mother try to hide from the little town they live in for fear of being found out and sent to the wastelands where uncollared zombies roam.

Believe it or not, Fido is a cheerful zombie movie. Set in the fifties, there is a great emphasis on the Technicolor aspect of the period and its Leave It To Beaver view of the world and attitudes.

There are a few moments of rather dark comedy here and there and the obligatory scenes where people shoot at zombies or zombies bite someone in the jugular to cause the requisite blood spray but nothing on the scale of your basic horror movie.

Few comedies really know how to end well beyond the they lived happily ever after but this is not quite the case for Fido DVD. Its ending is quite original and most appropriate.


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