Zombie Strippers – Unrated
Jenna Jameson, Robert Englund, Roxy Saint
Written and directed by Jay Lee
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2008
94 minutes

The Zombie Strippers DVD is a hoot-ers. That is all a guy needs to know.

Does the zombie make-up look good? Check.
Are there strippers? Check.
Do these strippers remove their clothes? Check.
Do the zombie strippers blow away people? Check.
Is there lots of blood and gore? Check.
Is it funny on purpose? Check
Is the acting any good? Who cares?

This is not a big budget horror movie, but it features some really smart writing, lots of really funny lines and jokes, and zombie strippers with big melons who want to eat people after, and only after, they do a dance or two and then forget to put their top back on. Prepare yourself for a great display of fun bags, most of them on the large side.
The only really scary moment in Zombie Strippers is at the beginning of this movie where George W Bush has been re-elected for a fourth term. Because the U.S. is at war with everybody the armed forces need more soldiers. Scientists create zombie soldiers, the virus gets loose in a stripper’s club, and there you go.
This is one hell of an entertaining movie. The writing is excellent. All of the strippers are philosophers at heart so there are some funny bits of philosophy laced dialogue.
There are more than a few very original and memorable scenes. Some of them poke dead-on fun at the kind of guys who go to stripper clubs and the guy mentality. A favorite is the Jimmy! scene. No such movie would be complete without a cat fight and the cat fight in Zombie Strippers is memorable with a cool if low budget Matrix-like moment or two.
Special features include commentary tracks and lots of deleted scenes that are hard to tell apart from the undeleted scenes.

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