Mr. Troop Mom  Blu-ray Special Edition
George Lopez, Daniella Bobadilla, Elizabeth Thai
Directed by William Dear
Warner Home Video 2009
82 minutes

Nickelodeon’s Mr. Troop Mom is a family comedy squarely aimed at tween girls. As such, it pushes all the necessary buttons: bubbly heroines, clearly bad nemesis, bubblegum pop background music, and lots of references aimed at its young girl audience. It is also the kind of family movie adults can easily sit through and be entertained enough not to mind the experience. It is however the kind of movie your daughter will probably want to watch a few times so you’ll have to deal with that.

Widowed father Eddie Serrano (George Lopez in a very good performance) is trying is best to bring up tween daughter Naomi but being a career dad makes it hard for him to be there for his daughter. A series of rather heavy-handed circumstances make that he ends up being den mother for his daughter and her friends at a girl scout something called the Spring Action Classic. By then, Mr. Troop Mom has already established Naomi and her friends are in competition with another less charming group of girls at her school (ironically) called the Wasps.

Moms will enjoy seeing a movie where girls, sorry, young women, get to do lots of resourceful junior boot camps activities. Parents will find some of the jokes in this movie quite funny, my favorite being the bear prank.

Overall, this is a very good family movie aimed at tween girls.

Mr. Troop Mom Blu-ray comes with a DVD disc that also includes the digital copy version. There is also a BD Live option.

The on-screen menu for Mr.Troop Mom has to be the worst I have seen. If you own a 46” LCD TV, you should be able to read the menu options. This is not the case here. The only clearly visible option is “Play Movie” the rest is in print even too small for an eye chart. This is a major case of “Let’s get this puppy done and punch out and who the hell cares about the audience.”


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