A full stand-up comedy performance by Sebastian goes down a lot better than just a clip of a routine. Having seen bits of this comic on various shows like Comics Without Borders and a Just For Laughs Gala, Sebastian Maniscalco was not up there on my list of comics. Sebastian Live, his Comedy Central special and first stand-up comedy DVD, is going to make this guy a lot of new fans. This is very good stuff.

What especially stands out on Sebastian Live is Maniscalco’s ability to support already strong material with some excellent body language. This is especially true with the opening stand-up routine on cell phones. This segues very nicely into a bit on Ipods, CD players and, yes, cassette players. The latter is a nice trip down 70s memory lane. This is a solid 12 minute bit on modern technology.

I like comics who can develop a nice story. The Las Vegas bachelor party story is very funny and would make a good scene in a comedy a few cuts above National Lampoon stuff. Not quite as good is the Midwest, going back home, Walgreens bit. This has to be some earlier material. Better are annoying things at the grocery store and the foufou salon bits.

Shopping routines are often banal but the T.J. Maxx bit on this stand-up comedy DVD is excellent. The amusement park bit is okay. Sebastian closes this Comedy Central special with some short bits. The naked guy in the locker room is good but standard stuff. It also goes to the dogs in some really good material where the stand-up’s body language is at its best. The comic’s fans will be pleased to see the first date restaurant routine (also seen on Comics Without Borders)

Sebastian Maniscalco is a comic best appreciated in a full-length performance stand-up comedy DVD like Sebastian Live.

Sebastian Live
Sebastian Maniscalco
Stand-up comedy DVD
Salient Media 2009
70 minutes

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