Hall Pass Blu-ray
Owen Wilson, Jason Sudekis, Christina Applegate
Directed by Bobby and Peter Farelly
Warner Home Video 2011
105 minutes

Hall Pass is a situation comedy episode with adult content and full frontal nudity transposed to the big screen. There is little that is original in this movie and you can predict most of what is going to happen in it. This said, Owen Wilson and Jason Sudekis are pretty good as two forty something married men whose wives give them a one-week pass to relive their youth or what they imagine their youth was like.

Rick and Fred (Wilson, Sudekis) are at a point in their marriage where everything is ordinary. Their wives feel that way too. A series of events make their wives, Christina Applegate and Jenna Fisher who are both wasted here, let them loose for a week while they go to the cottage with their kids.

This is something the guys’s buddies are envious about and they decide to follow. Of course, reliving your youth is not as easy as all that and it takes a while for Rick and Fred to get things going. Rick falls for an Australian barista and Fred meets a divorcee.

Stuff happens, some of it silly, some of it gross, some of it unnecessarily adult like the scene with the two penises. Meanwhile, the girls also figure out they are footloose and fancy free.

Neither Rick or Fred can really change who they are. They figure out being married is not a bad deal but not before a mildly amusing car chase and a few other such things, including explosive diarrhea.

Hall Pass is banal but entertaining enough if you see it only once.

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