Hall Pass Blu-ray
Owen Wilson, Jason Sudekis, Christina Applegate
Directed by Bobby and Peter Farelly
Warner Home Video 2011
105 minutes

Hall Pass is an R rated, easily forgettable comedy starring Owen Wilson and Jason Sudekis as forty-something married men who get in trouble with their wives and are given carte blanche, French for hall pass, to pretend they are not married for a week.

The Blu-ray DVD combo features an extended (by six minutes) uncut version of this already quite adult comedy.

Some of the Hall Pass story is predictable in that the guys have a hard time getting back to the kind of lady killers they remember themselves being. What is a bit less predictable is what happens to their wives (Christina Applegate, Jenna Fisher) once they figure out they too have permission to relive their youth.

There is no real point to this comedy and you end up watching it pretty absentmindedly. The third act is a bit more interesting, relatively speaking.

Be prepared for full frontal male nudity and an explosive diarrhea joke.

Special features for Hall Pass Blu-ray DVD combo are a deleted scene and blooper reel. There is also a digital download available.


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