Going the Distance Blu-ray DVD Combo
Drew Barrymore, Justin Long
Directed by Nanette Burnstein
Warner Home Video 2010

Going the Distance is an unnecessarily crude romantic comedy Blu-ray and DVD set starring Drew Barrymore and Justin Long. Going the Distance certainly does not reinvent anything but it makes for an evening s entertainment if you are not demanding.

Drew Barrymore plays yet another teenage-adult character. This time her name is Erin and she is a grad student in her early thirties who is spending the summer in NYC as an intern at a newspaper. Erin meets very recently single Garrett and they hit it off. When Erin has to go back to the west coast and school they begin a long distance relationship.

There is a bit of You’ve Got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle to Going the Distance but now the wannabe couple uses texting and watches the same YouTube video. You also do not care as much about the main characters nor are they that interesting.

The other major difference is the characters are frat house comedy crude and this for no apparent reason. This is most obvious when the usually annoying Charlie Day (It s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) is on screen.

There are quite a few jokes and scenes here that really do not work. Most notably the tanning booth bit complete with mild nudity.

Also annoying about Going the Distance is it is obvious someone inserted songs here and there just to sell a soundtrack CD.

Special features on Going the Distance Blu-ray DVD Combo are a digital copy, How to Have the Perfect Date; A Guide to Long-Distance Dating; The Cast of Going the Distance: Off the Cuff; Commentary by director Nanette Burstein; The Boxer Rebellion “If You Run” music video; Behind the Scenes of the Going the Distance soundtrack; Additional scenes


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