Hot Fuzz
Jim Broadbent, Nick Frost, Timothy Dalton
Directed by Edgar Wright
England 2007
121 minutes


Hot Fuzz is a great DVD cop comedy that brings the American super cop Bad Boys style action movie to the British quaint but strange Waking Ned Devine style village. Yes, it is a bit gory at times but this is a great tongue in cheek dialogue and visual gags comedy only the British do so well. Hot Fuzz was made by and stars the same folks as Shaun of the Dead and we all know what they did to the zombie movie.

Hot Fuzz is the story of Sergeant Chris Angel (Jim Broadbent) who, being too good a cop for his London comrades) is sent to a little out of the way prize-winning village called Sanford. At first, he finds it hard to blend in with the various strange locals and the way the local constabulary does things but he gets to show his stuff when the stars of the amateur drama group are found decaffeinated and more bodies start showing up. The fact the local grocer, Timothy Dalton of James Bond fame, keeps uttering bloody double entendres may or may not have something to do with it.

Not every single moment in Hot Fuzz is brilliant comedy. When Angel goes to the pub and asks what kind of wine they got the answer is the comedy standard: red and … white. Aside from that, yes.

This cop comedy really packs in the action and funny bits but I am less convinced about the many horror movie slasher moments as the murderer goes around killing half the village (or so it seems).

One might wonder why the DVD clocks in at two hours but there is not a wasted minute here. The movie takes quite a turn about halfway through and gets even funnier and weirder and Sergio Leonesque.

Hot Fuzz is one over the top cop slasher shoot-em-up comedy and it is bloody great. The DVD extra features are worth a look for a change.


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