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Hot Tub Time Machine
Rated and Unrated Versions
John Cusack, Craig Robinson, Clark Duke, Ron Corddry
Directed by Steve Pink
Fox Home Entertainment 2010
100 minutes

Hot Tub Time Machine manages to keep you watching and entertain but it is not a particularly good comedy DVD. The premise is fun enough and once the movie really gets started it picks up steam and becomes more and more fun to watch. You do have to get past the clumsy setup, a vomit scene, and the two really bad bits of scatological humor present in the first fifteen or so minutes.

Adam, Nick, and Lou are forty-something guys dissatisfied with the way their lives turned out. Lou ends up in the hospital and his two pals decide to take him to the ski lodge where they used to go to back in the eighties. The lodge is now a run down dump. Chevy Chase fixes the hot tub, something else happens, and Adam, Nick, and Lou as well as Adam’s nephew Jacob end up in 1986 when, it seems, their fate was decided. Insert nudity scene here.

Adam meets his then girlfriend, Lou the ski patrol guy who beat him up, and Nick gets to relive something. Jacob hangs around trying to convince the three guys they must redo exactly what they did the first time they were in 1986 or the future could change. He is also in contact with Chevy Chase who is trying to fix the hot tub.

Will the guys choose to repeat their mistakes or choose to make new ones? This, in part, is what this comedy is about.

Special features on the Hot Tub Time Machine Blu-ray include Deleted Scenes as well as the trailer some promotional spots. Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh. The DVD version of this comedy features the Deleted Scenes. Both Blu-ray and DVD have the theatrical version as well as the 2 minute longer unrated version.


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