Our Family Wedding
America Ferrara, Forest Whittaker, Carlos Mencia
Directed by Rick Famuyima
Fox Home Entertainment 2010
103 minutes

Our Family Wedding is fun and a better than expected romantic comedy DVD. It is a little silly and  predictable but it also has its moments. The main difference between this wedding comedy and others is the bride is Latina and the groom is Black. This means there are a lot of Latino culture jokes. The laughs mostly come from the usual misunderstandings and family conflicts.

This romcom DVD stars Forrest Whittaker, known for making bomb after bomb, and sort of stand-up comic Carlos Mencia as the fathers of the future bride and groom and America Ferrara (Ugly Betty) and Lance Gross (Payne and House of Payne) as the lovebirds.

Aside from the Latina / Black thing, complications include she has not told her parents about him until she announces the wedding nor do they know she has dropped out of law school. The fathers hate each other because Miguel Ramirez (Mencia) towed Brad Boyd’s (Whittaker) car for a parking violation at the beginning of the movie.

Secondary stories in this romantic comedy DVD focus on the relationship the bride’s parents have and who the groom’s single father is dating.

Our Family Wedding is standard fare but it has a few very original moments. The best is the segment where the families are working on the seating arrangement and imagining what would happen. The punchline is brilliant.

A couple of sequences make little sense story wise such as the baseball game where the two fathers compete against each other but on the same team.

This romantic comedy is not a keeper but it is fun to watch.

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