Ira & Abby
Chris Messina, Jennifer Westfeldt
Directed by Robert Cary
Peace Arch Home Entertainment 2008
105 minutes

Ira & Abby is an odd and somewhat charming romantic comedy DVD. It is one of those couples comedies you enjoy watching but once you’ve seen it, you’ve seen it.

Then again, I can see someone becoming quite attached to the rather original Ira & Abby. It is, though a bit long and discombobulated, a rather fun movie. It is also a matter of taste.

Rather neurotic soon to be psychiatrist thirty something Ira meets bubbly and very likeable Abby. Six hours later, they decide to get married.

Yes, this is a Dharma and Greg premise, yes this movie is sitcom episodic, and yes Jennifer Westfield’s Abby is rather similar to Dharma but Ira & Abby is not just a movie imitation. It quickly becomes an examination on the meaning of marriage and love.

Ira & Abby feels a bit long at 105 minutes. Perhaps this is because the standard romantic story line is turned on its head but it is mostly because it takes a while for its center, every character getting into every other character’s way, to set.

Also, the dream sequence is obviously just director Robert Cary indulging in a dream sequence. It does have some neat moments such as Ira’s over the answering machine therapy session or his discovering the meaning of life through watching Jimmy Stewart in Harvey.

I cannot help thinking this movie would have been funnier and more interesting if either the Ira character or Chris Messina had been less one-dimensional. Ira is a neurotic guy and remains a neurotic guy throughout the movie and Messina does not do much with that element aside from some moping.

The ending to this movie is quite original.


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