Lottery Ticket Blu-ray DVD Combo
Bow Wow, Brandon T. Jackson, Loretta Devine
Directed by Eric White
Warner Home Video 2010
99 minutes

Better luck next time with this Lottery Ticket. This unnecessarily violent comedy does pay off some laughs. This is a movie about Kevin, a nice kid from the projects, who wins 370 million dollars in a powerball lottery but must wait three long weekend days to cash his ticket. Of course, nobody in the projects must know about his good fortune. Of course, everybody in the projects learns the good news. Kevin and his buddy Benny have to deal with their instant friends and the local thug

Lottery Ticket is a very episodic comedy. The scenes more or less flow together and the laughs are hit or miss. A few of the jokes are based on the stereotypes associated with the Projects like the local hood, the guy who knows everything, the drug dealer, and Kevin’s church going loving grandmother (Loretta Devine).

Some of the humor is of the fish out of water school such as when Kevin goes to a fancy restaurant and doesn t know what to do. Some of the scenes such as the one where Kevin finally gets the hot chick go on for too long. The Reverend Cisco Taylor bit is funny enough but also overstays its welcome.

Ice Cube plays an odd character named Washington.

Two thirds of the way through Lottery Ticket the movie gets really violent for no reason as Kevin confronts local thug Lorenzo. It is very difficult to justify this drastic change in tone.

This one is a pass.

Special features on the Lottery Ticket Blu-ray DVD  combo include a digital copy, Junior’s Guide to the Corner Store, the Du-Rag Model, Custom Kicks, and deleted scenes.


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