Jackie Mason is a love him or hate him stand-up comic. You also either can or can’t understand Mason’s mumbled Jewish accent. This is not the case with his last stand-up comedy DVD, Jackie Mason The Ultimate Jew Live on Broadway.

Jackie Mason is still a bit of an acquired taste as some of his jokes, such as the bit on homosexuals, may offend more politically sensitive audiences. Still, Jackie Mason The Ultimate Jew Live on Broadway is a solid stand-up comedy DVD that comes with a bonus CD version of the show.

Perhaps the best moment on The Ultimate Jew is the Politicians, Hillary Clinton, Qualifications bit where Jackie Masons questions American politics. The audience does go silent when he takes a few hits at Hillary but the comedian manages to get it back on board soon enough. This is a funny yet very caustic routine and one of Mason’s best.

Mason did get in trouble with this routine by calling Obama a tall, good looking schwartze. You have to admit his routine on the President walks a very very fine line. Also on that line is the bit on the Israeli army and Arabs.

Quite funny on this stand-up comedy DVD is Mason’s take on the pretentions of rich people including their passion for the opera, the ballet, and other cultural events. Also excellent is the comic’s takes on fancy restaurants, the real origins of sushi, and our eating habits.

Less interesting is the casino bit Jackie Mason recycles from his casino performances. This routine is probably better in the right context than it is here. The marriage bit is some of the more risqué material Jackie Mason has done. Vacations is another excellent bit of stand-up comedy on this DVD.

Mason walks a thin line again for a short time with the discrimination bit.

Jackie Mason The Ultimate Jew Live On Broadway closes with a rather banal and standard bit on Viagra and a better bit on culture.

If you are a long-time or new Jackie Mason fan, this stand-up comedy DVD is an excellent addition to your collection.

The Ultimate Jew Live On Broadway
Jackie Mason
Stand-up Comedy DVD and CD
Eagle Rock Enertainment 2009
92 minutes

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